Tantric massage for men

It is a refined and sensual massage, all over the body, which starts with a relaxing massage, to relax the muscles and energize the energy meridians, followed by subtle and sensual caresses and a body massage, where I use, to massage you, not only of my hands, but also of my body. The purpose of this massage is to awaken erotic energy and to make it spread throughout the body thanks to certain techniques of breathing. The diffusion of energy into the body generates a state of fullness and happiness. The benefits of this type massage are numerous: first, it is relaxing and thus procures you peace and serenity; Then, keeping the sexual energy inside the body generates a state of power, virility, amplifying
your will and your charism.

The minimum duration of a session is 1 hour, ideally 1 hour 30 minutes.


Tantric massage for women

It is a massage for women who are very open; It can include the massage of the yoni (the female sexual organ) if the woman so wishes, of course. This massage awakens femininity and sensuality.


Tantric massage for couples

This massage is intended for couples who have a certain open-mindedness. I mass you one after the other. It develops the empathy within the couple and I can learn, to those who wish it, small secrets to preserve or to awaken the effervescence in your couple.


Minimum duration of this massage: 2 h.